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Support local businesses by pre-buying coffees, lunches and more to redeem on future visits



1. You need a Squid Account to buy and redeem vouchers

2. Vouchers are not gift vouchers and can't be sent to friends or family (you can only redeem them from your account)

3. Pre-bought vouchers work the same way as vouchers you earn on Squid for completed loyalty cards. For an option to redeem them, you tap the Squid Tag in the store you've purchased vouchers from.

4. Vouchers can only be redeemed in-store for the specific items bought, and can't be refunded or exchanged

5. We are taking 0% commission from all vouchers sold on the marketplace until Sept 2020

6. If a business unfortunately does not reopen, we cannot offer refunds for vouchers

Terms and Conditions- Squid Vouchers


  • “Squid Vouchers” (The Service) is a marketplace to purchase Pre-Buy Vouchers for goods from participating Retailers.

  • Vouchers are digital and stored in the Squid Wallet of the Account Holder until redeemed

  • Vouchers can only be redeemed in the premise(s) of the Retailer for which they were purchased

  • Vouchers are not a credit card, gift card or electronic money. They can only be redeemed for the specific goods detailed in the Voucher description.

  • Vouchers cannot be used as full or part payment for goods not included in the voucher description.

  • The acceptance of a voucher is at the discretion of the Retailer only. The Retailer retains the right to interpret if the purchase falls within the description of the Voucher. Squid is not responsible for any miscommunication and will not be involved in disputes regarding the acceptance of Vouchers.

  • If you have any issue with redeeming a Voucher, you should contact the Retailer directly. The Account Holder shall, in the event of any issue with a Transaction, have no claim against Squid. Any claims by an Account Holder for non-fulfilment or incorrect fulfilment shall be made by Account Holder exclusively against the relevant Retailer.

  • Vouchers are non-refundable and may not be exchanged for cash, gift vouchers or credit notes, unless at the Retailer’s sole discretion in exceptional cases.

  • Vouchers can only be purchased and redeemed within the Squid-Loyalty + Rewards mobile App with a valid Squid Account. Squid Account Holders are subject to the Terms of our Privacy Policy

  • Vouchers can only be purchased and redeemed on compatible mobile devices. Squid accepts no responsibility where an Account Holder purchases a Voucher on a compatible device and wishes to redeem on a non-compatible device.

  • Vouchers are exclusive to the Squid Account with which they were purchased. Vouchers can only be redeemed by the Account Holder. Vouchers cannot be transferred to another Squid Account.

  • Each Voucher can be redeemed against one item only. No residual balance remains on any individual Voucher in the case where the value of the item purchased is less than the unit purchase price of that individual Voucher.

  • Squid expressly excludes all liability where Vouchers are redeemed non-intentionally, if an Account Holder deletes or cannot access their Squid Account, or an Account Holder experiences technical difficulty when redeeming a voucher.

  • It is the Account Holders responsibility to use a secure password and keep it confidential. Squid does not accept any responsibility where Accounts have been compromised.

  • Squid is not liable for any compensation, reimbursement, or repayment in the case where the Retailer contract with Squid is suspended or terminated. The Retailer has the right to refuse the use of a Voucher for any goods in this instance.

  • By using this Service, you grant Squid permission to make changes in your Squid Account and to share with Retailers information about Voucher Purchases and Redemptions you have made. This information will be shared exclusively with the Retailer(s) from whom you have purchased Vouchers or used Squid.

  • Vouchers expire after 5 years (the minimum term allowed under the Gift Vouchers Act 2019)

  • Squid reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions.

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