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Boost Revenue
through Real Loyalty

Maximise revenue from new and recurring customers through SQUID Digital Loyalty.

Reward yourself by rewarding loyalty.

From only 55 cent a day.

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900+ SQUID Businesses Discovered by almost 100,000 Loyal Users
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Unlock your business with SQUID. Risk Free.


More Customer Retention than Industry-Average!


Increase in Revenue for a Top Platform Performer!

30-Day Free Trial. Risk Free.


More User Engagement than Industry Average!

Loyalty Card

Ensure your customers will never lose or forget their loyalty card again

Create a custom loyalty card to set your business apart, allowing your customers to recognise your brand

Eco-friendly solution that reduces your paper waste

Adapt, alter and create any loyalty scheme that suits your business


Accessible on any device

Manage your business profile and subscription

Live analysis of your loyalty scheme

Explore customer demographics

Live Discovery

Discoverable by over 85K users

Discovery page and map

In app directions directly to your location

Profile link from your pin to allow customers to learn more about you

Opening hours & social links