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About Us

We are Ireland’s leading digital loyalty card platform connecting people and businesses across the globe through loyalty. We are committed to inspiring others to recognise the true value of loyalty and aim to do this by creating a community for all SQUID lovers to be a part of!

“We founded SQUID in 2019 when we realised there wasn't a loyalty platform on the market that solved the needs of both businesses and customers. SQUID was created to help the people behind businesses connect with customers and increase loyalty. Now, SQUID is used in over 1000 businesses across Ireland and the UK. Our partners are both independently-owned and small chains across the café, hospitality and salon industries. We now have thousands of weekly app users who are being rewarded for their loyalty!”

Katie Farrell & Matthew Coffey | Founders

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Who we are.

A community of loyalty lovers

What is our purpose?

To connect people and businesses by driving real loyalty

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