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Maximise revenue from new and recurring customers through SQUID Digital Loyalty.

Reward yourself by rewarding loyalty.

From only 82 cent a day.

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More than 1000 SQUID Businesses Discovered by over 100,000 Loyal Users
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Learn how SQUID can help unlock your business.


More user Engagement than industry average. Meaning that SQUID users are 3 times more likely to tap a SQUID tag than interact with other loyalty schemes.


The average amount of times a SQUID User collects a stamp every year. Imagine each customer that walks through your door will buy from you 4 times every month. That is what independent businesses are seeing month in, month out on SQUID.

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More Customer Retention than Industry average. Meaning that if you get a user to tap a SQUID tag once, you can be confident that they will be back to tap again.

Loyalty at a Tap

Replace the traditional paper loyalty card with a digital loyalty card.

No physical stamping required - Customers simply tap the SQUID tag on your counter with their phone and that's it!

Ensure that loyalty cards are never lost or forgotten again.

Eco-friendly solution that reduces your paper waste.

Have multiple loyalty schemes for multiple products all in one place!

Create a custom card to set your business apart, allowing your customers to recognise your brand

View the Loyalty Trends of your most valuable customers

A live view into the loyalty trends of your customers.

Make data driven business decisions based on the activities of your most loyal users.

Explore your customer demographics to improve your understanding of your market.

Accessible on any device.

Tell your unique Story and be discovered on our Discovery Page

Allow over 100,000 loyalty lovers to find your business easily

Create a business profile for your business that users can browse

Tell your story how you want it to be told

Add links to your social media, menu and/or pre ordering service

Add opening hours and directions directly to your front door so customers will never miss you

Capture your customers with our Voucher Marketplace

Easily sell bundles of your products through our in-app voucher marketplace

Introduce a new revenue stream into your business

Allow users to buy for themselves or as a gift to friends

A ticket directly to your Customers Pocket

Directly communicate with your loyal customers

Send notifications to your loyal customers at the click of a button to keep them updated on your business

Advertise promotions or offerings to drive foot traffic in store

Our advanced filtering system allows you to target specific audiences for each message (E.g Top 20% of customers, customers not tapped in the last 90 days, etc.) to ensure that your message hits the right people 


The Old Way

Old Way-01.png

No way to track loyalty scheme usage

Hassle for your customers- physical loyalty cards are often lost or left at home

No information on your loyal customer base

Printing paper/plastic cards is harmful to the environment

No way to communicate with your customers after they’ve made a purchase

No additional benefits 


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Your customers will love our easy-to-use app and will always have your loyalty card to hand

Dive into customer demographic insights, retention, and more

Go waste-free and contactless with our tap-and-go mobile app

Keep your customers coming back with targeted push notification campaigns

Get a dedicated profile visible to thousands of local users, and sell vouchers directly in-app

Get clear, detailed data on loyalty stamps awarded, rewards earned and rewards redeemed

Free 15-minute demo

Recommended by our SQUID Partners.

"Through SQUID loyalty and their push-notifications we have been able to increase sales revenue while boosting our customer base and expanding the number of Zambrero locations."

Darragh Fanning

General Manager for Zambrero Ireland

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"Our staff love how simple the system is and our customers love the convenience of having their loyalty card on their phone."

Liana Clifford

Manager at Java Republic

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"Joining SQUID was super simple, very easy for us as a business and took little to no effort to set up. Day to day it’s really simple for the customer to use, they just download the app"

Robert Hanna

Owner of These Hands

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"SQUID is such a simple solution that brings our business great value and is a complete win-win for both us and our customers!"

Merces Olivares

Manager of Aventura Cafe

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30-Day Free Trial. Risk Free.